pruning: resentment to gratitude.

what hinders you from growth (personal growth, professional growth, relational growth, spiritual growth)? i’ve been examining my ways- my habits, my thoughts, my motives- and seeking knowledge within this vein. it’s a practice of pruning and humbling that i believe we all should subscribe to, and often! i recently read an insightful passage by henri nouwen. his attention is focused on moving from resentment to gratitude. these two postures exist uniquely in our individual lives, and i’m sure mine are different from yours, but receive this wisdom as naturally and openly as you can. consider the act of pruning and invite thanksgiving and humility to make their home in your heart. 

"moving away from resentment requires moving toward something more life-giving, and that something is the attitude of gratitude.

resentment blocks action; gratitude lets us move forward toward new possibilities. resentment makes us cling to negative feelings; gratitude allows us to let go. resentment makes us prisoners of our passions. gratitude helps us to transcend our compulsions to follow our vocation.

resentment exhausts us by complicated jealousies and ambiguities, stirring up destructive desires for revenge.

gratitude takes our fatigue away and gives us new vitality and enthusiasm.

resentment entangles us in the endless distractions, pulling us down to banal preoccupations.

gratitude anchors our deepest self beyond this world and allows us to be involved without losing ourselves.”

"let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord." lamentations 3:40

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